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Garmin Striker 7sv Review

UPDATED May. 2023
Brand: Garmin
Model: Striker 7sv
Our Score: 7.8/10
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Garmin Striker 7sv is famous for its impressive sonar technologies, but its navigation functionality leaves much to be desired. Launched in 2016, the unit was primarily designed for individuals who are looking for top-of-the-line sonar capabilities and do not really care about chartplotting or already have a stand-alone chartplotter.

Note that this Garmin Striker 7sv review is about the model with part number 010-01809-00. Keep reading our honest review to discover more about this fish finder and its features and pricing.

Garmin Striker 7sv side view

Pros & Cons

    • Dual frequency unit 
    • Excellent sonar capabilities 
    • CV52HW-TM transducer 
    • Numerous 2D sonar functions 
    • High-sensitivity GPS 
    • Up to 5,000 waypoints 
    • Tilt/transom/trolling motor mounts 
    • IP-X7 waterproof 
    • Limited networking options 
    • Confusing manual 
    • Can only copy waypoints from other Garmin devices 


SpecificationsGarmin Striker 7sv
TypeDown Imaging and Side Imaging
SonarHigh Wide Traditional CHIRP, CHIRP DownVü, CHIRP SideVü
TransducerGT52HW-TM (12-pin)
Display (size, resolution, backlit, color)7'' diagonal (12.7 cm), 3.6'' x 6'' (9.1 x 15.2 cm), 800H x 480V pixel resolution, WVGA color, LED backlight
Dimensions9.3'' x 5.5'' x 2.3'' (23.5 x 14 x 5.8 cm)
Weight1.5 lb (680g)
BatteriesLi ion
Depth Capability2D: 800 ft (244 m) DownVü: 500 ft (152 m) SideVü: 500 ft (152 m)
Frequency2D Sonar: High CHIRP 150-240 kHz, 24°-16° DownVü: 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) 2.0° / 50° and 800 kHz (790-850 kHz) 1.0° / 30° SideVü: 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) 2.0° / 50° and 800 kHz (790-850 kHz) 1.0° / 30°
Power Output500 Watts (RMS)
Power Input10-20 VDC
GPSHigh-precision, internal
Routes, Waypoints, Tracks5000 Waypoints
Wi-Fi Connectivityn/a
MicroSD card slotNo


Garmin Striker 7sv features a 7” WVGA display with a pixel matrix of 800 x 480. The adjustable backlight makes the screen perfectly easy to observe even at night or during a particularly sunny day. You can also use it with polarized glasses without any problems.  

Garmin Striker 7sv display on

The unit is primarily designed for outdoor use, which explains its rugged design. The waterproof rating is set at IP-X7, so you do not have to worry about rain or accidental splashes. Moreover, Striker 7sv can also be fully immersed in 3.3ft of water for up to 30 minutes without any negative consequences. The “X” in its rating, however, means that the manufacturer did not test its resilience to dirt, dust, and sand.  

Finally, the unit does allow you to observe multiple panels in the split-screen mode with the ability to zoom in specific tiles for a better view (the Split Zoom function).  

Sonar & Transducer

When it comes to sonar functions and features, this is where Garmin Striker 7sv really gets to shine. It comes with Garmin CHIRP ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars and is capable of dual-beam scanning at 77/200 kHz. The unit covers 50/77/200 kHz for traditional scanning and 260/455/800 kHz for Clear/SideVü. 

Striker 7sv comes with the CV52HW-TM transducer that covers CHIRP High Wide (150-240 kHz) and ClearVü CHIRP 455 kHz (425-485 kHz) and 800 kHz (790-850 kHz). The width of the beam for traditional scanning is 24-16 and 2.0 x 50 at 455 kHz and 1.0 x 30 at 800 kHz for ClearVü and SideVü. The transducer also comes with depth and temperature sensors as well as 20ft of power cable. It is ideal for freshwater fishing and it can easily be mounted to a trolling motor thanks to its compact size.  

Although Garmin states that Striker 7sv can reach up to 2,300ft in freshwater and 1,100ft in saltwater, the provided transducer is capable of reaching 800ft with a traditional scanner and 250ft and 500ft with ClearVü and SideVü, respectively. The unit itself is capable of supporting deeper scans, but you will have to upgrade it with a more potent transducer.  

Note that the transducer also comes with a tilt mount as well as transom and trolling motor mounts. Since we are talking about a 12-pin model, the manufacturer also provides you with a 12-to-4 pin adapter cable.  

ClearVü and SideVü will allow you to observe underwater structures like never before, but the standard 2D sonar will still be better at distinguishing specific targets in a school of fish and give you a better idea of their size and even species in some cases.   

Garmin Striker 7sv comes with a multitude of standard sonar functions, including Ultrascroll, Fish Symbol ID, AutoGain Technology, Adjustable depth line, A-Scope, and others.  


As we already mentioned in this Garmin Striker 7sv review, this fish finder’s sonar capabilities are what separates it from similar models. Having said that, it DOES come with a built-in (basic) GPS system that shows your current coordinates and measures the speed of your vessel.  

Although it does not provide you with the chartplotting function, the implanted GPS allows you to create up to 5,000 waypoints, mark them with suggestive icons, and even share them with echoMAP units using a standard data cable. Finally, the unit does not come with any preloaded charts or maps.  


Garmin Striker 7sv does not offer a lot in terms of networking and sharing content recorded with other devices. The unit does not feature any NMEA ports or a microSD card reader. Additionally, it can only copy waypoints marked by other Garmin devices.   

What's In The Box

    • STRIKER 7sv
    • Transducer
    • 12-pin transducer to 4-pin sounder adapter cable
    • Transom and trolling motor mounts
    • Power cable
    • Tilt mount
    • Documentation

Garmin Striker Series Overview

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In conclusion of this Garmin Striker 7sv review, we can say that this is one of those niche items that will definitely find its audience among casual fishers as well as serious aficionados and tournament participants who already have chartplotters and only need a unit with an impressive sonar functionality.

With 3 different sonar options, a decent transducer, and numerous standard sonar features, Garmin Striker 7sv is ideal for all types of fishing vessels, but it will perform best during inland excursions unless you decide to upgrade the provided transducer with a more powerful model.  

Our score: 7.8/10