How We Score

In order to guarantee absolute objectivity of the reviewing process, we keep our research team completely separated from the financial department. In other words, our professional researchers and reviewers have zero information regarding the potential financial repercussions of their articles. This ensures complete objectivity and nullifies potential bias caused by the promise of financial gain.

Due to the high variance of fish finding products, we are unable to create a universal set of ranking criteria, which forces us to apply different scoring methods for different units. In general, we are looking at features like sonar capabilities, imaging quality and available scanning technologies, transducer quality and range, compatibility with relevant maps and charts, display quality and features, waterproof rating, networking options, and more.

In order to get the full picture, we also compare every single unit we review with its closest competitors to see how it performs against similar devices in its own category and price range. Finally, as manufacturers release relevant improvements, we also update our reviews to provide you with nothing but the latest information at all times.