Humminbird ICE-55 Review

UPDATED Jan. 2023
Brand: Humminbird
Model: 55
Our Score: 7.4/10
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Alongside ICE-35, ICE-55 is the most affordable of all Humminbird’s ICE fish finders. ICE-55 is a more powerful unit than its ICE-35 counterpart, but it does cost a bit more as well.

Keep reading this comprehensive and honest Humminbird ICE-55 review to learn more about its technical capabilities and find out whether it suits your needs.

Humminbird ICE-55 on white background

Pros & Cons

    • DualBeam sonar 
    • 6-color flasher with 526 segments 
    • 3-color palette 
    • XI 9 19 ice transducer 
    • Target Line, Zoom, Gain, Noise reduction 
    • LCD display with an LED backlight 
    • Battery and carrying case included 
    • Very portable 
    • Reduced jig-tracking precision after 150ft 


SpecificationsHumminbird ICE-55
TypeDown Imaging
TransducerXI 9 19 ice transducer
Display (size, resolution, backlit, color)LCD display with LED backlight
Dimensions8" x 15.5" x 12.65"
Batteries12V 9 Amp Hours
Depth Capability250ft
Frequency- DualBeam - 200 and 455 kHz
Power OutputPeak-to-peak - 2400W; RMS - 300W
Power Input10.8 - 20 VDC
Routes, Waypoints, TracksNo
WaterproofNot Specified
Wi-Fi ConnectivityNo
MicroSD card slotNo


ICE-55 comes with a 6-color fiber optic ring display that provides you with three different color palettes. In other words, instead of using a traditional 3-color palette, you can utilize up to 6 colors for your flasher ring, which helps you to better gauge the intensity of every single sonar return.  

Humminbird ICE-55 side view

Read clockwise, the 0 position represents the surface and the segments on the right show the contents of the water column. On the other hand, the thicker segments in the top-left section represent the bottom, underwater structures, and any fish nearby. Regarding the unit’s color code, green indicates weaker returns, orange/yellow indicates underwater structures or fish, and red usually indicates the bottom. You can also amplify the return sonar signal using the Gain button. 

In the center, there is an LCD display that holds several readings. The number at the very center shows the current depth with depth ranges on the perimeter. You can also check which beam you are using at any given moment. The screen has a backlight functionality, which allows you to use the device at night or in direct sunlight. 

When it comes to other important features, Humminbird ICE-55 comes with Auto Range, Screen Zoom, and Target Line.  

Sonar & Transducer

ICE-55 features a DualBeam sonar that covers 240 and 455 kHz. You can switch between the two as you see fit, but you cannot use them both at the same time. This feature is reserved for DualBeam Plus units.  

The device comes with the XI 9 19 ice transducer equipped with 8ft of cable as well as a stabilizing floater. The transducer supports both frequencies and utilizes conical sonar beams angled at 9° for 455 kHz and 19° for 240 kHz, respectively. Note that the transducer does not come with a temperature sensor. 

The transducer can reach up to 200ft, but ICE-55 can track your jig even past 100ft. However, once you are past 150ft, the device will start experiencing problems, losing its initial jig-tracking precision.

What's In The Box

    • Hummingbird ICE-55
    • XI 9 19 ice transducer
    • MHX ICE Transducer mounting hardware & float
    • Soft Sided Carrying Case
    • 9AH BK - 9 amp hour battery kit
    • AGM battery charger


As stated in this Humminbird ICE-55 review, we are talking about a pretty decent ice fish finder with a 6-color flasher with 526 segments as well as an LCD display that keeps track of the depth and other relevant metrics. It also comes with a serviceable transducer, a carrying case, and a battery.

Even though it is not the budget-friendliest ice fish finder, ICE-55 still provides users with a great money-to-value ratio. Bottom line, it is a very good choice for ice fishing – if you do not plan to go past 200ft.

Our score: 7.4/10