Deeper PRO+ Review

UPDATED Jan. 2023
Brand: Deeper
Model: PRO+
Our Score: 7.0/10
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Pro+ is one of Deeper’s famous castable (or smartphone) fish finders with decent sonar capabilities that allow you to fish from the shore, on a fishing boat or during ice fishing trips. However, castable fish finders are predominantly used to equip shore fishers with a sonar functionality as their max scanning depth is usually not that impressive.

Keep reading this Deeper PRO+ review to learn more about this unit that has allowed anglers who like to fish from the shore to up their game when it comes to high-precision fish finding, something that was previously reserved for boat owners only.

Deeper PRO+ with box on white background

Pros & Cons

    • Wireless and versatile 
    • Dual beam sonar 
    • Built-in GPS 
    • Bathymetric maps 
    • Independent Wi-Fi signal 
    • Low depth range 


SpecificationsDeeper PRO+
TypeDown Imaging
Display (size, resolution, backlit, color)No
Dimensions2.5"/ 6.5 cm diameter
Weight3.5 oz (100g)
BatteriesLithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable
Depth Capability260 ft (80 m)
Frequency290 kHz (15o) / 90 kHz (55o)
Power OutputMicro USB B type; Power Adapter: Compatible with 110V / 240V Micro USB.
Power InputMicro USB B type; Power Adapter: Compatible with 110V / 240V Micro USB.
Routes, Waypoints, TracksNot Specified
Wi-Fi Connectivityyes
MicroSD card slotNo


Deeper PRO+ operates on dual beam sonar frequencies with beams angled at 15° for 290 kHz and 55° for 90 kHz. The maximum depth range is capped at 260ft (in freshwater), which is rather decent for a smartphone fish finder, but it will not get you far if you decide to venture a bit further off-shore.

Deeper PRO+ with sonar on a frozen lake

The app also gives you numerous convenient features, including Weather Forecast, Solunar Forecast Calendar, Fish Notes, and others. One of its main selling points is that it grants you free access to Lakebook, which allows you to save your maps, analyze the collected data, and plan your next fishing trip accordingly. It is also the only fish finder you can use to create bathymetric maps from the shore. With this fish finder, you will be able to determine water temperature and depth, bottom structure and hardness, vegetation, and other essential info for productive and strategic angling.


Deeper PRO+ comes with an unspecified built-in GPS module that can be used to determine your current location and create comprehensive high-detail bathymetric maps when trolling.

When in Boat Mode, Deeper PRO+ allows you to download free online maps and determine your location on them. Finally, you can also utilize the fish finder as an ice fishing slasher to scan the water column under your hole. The split screen feature paired with a good zoom makes this task much easier.

Deeper PRO+ on wood with fishing rods


Deeper PRO+ is compatible with all tablets and smartphones running Android 4.0+ and iOS 8.0+.  Castable fish finders usually only work with iOS 10+, which makes it one of the rare models that go a bit further back. It also comes with an independent Wi-Fi connection (generates its own Wi-Fi signal when paired with your phone/tablet), which allows you to use it pretty much anywhere, including places without cell service. Having Wi-Fi connectivity is a great improvement over the regular PRO model that uses Bluetooth, increasing the overall communication range from 140ft to 330ft. Also, Wi-Fi maintains stronger connections than Bluetooth so you can expect way fewer disconnects during use.

What's In The Box

    • Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+
    • Documentation
    • USB Charger
    • Carry Pouch


As you may have concluded from our Deeper PRO+ review, this fish finder is one of the best tools for shore fishing currently on the market. We are talking about a versatile and compact device that takes some of the high-end functionalities reserved for boat fishing and gives them to passionate anglers who do not own any fishing vessels.

You can definitely use Deeper PRO+ for trolling, but the unit was primarily designed for fishing from the shore. It has a pretty small depth range and it will not yield excellent results if you take it a bit further from the coast. It still features an excellent price-to-value ratio and can be an invaluable tool as long as you understand its limitations.

Our score: 7.0/10